Why Efax And Why Not Emails?

A successful business is generally spread over a number of places with many branches operating and functioning in coordination with each other. Though there exists a lot of branches, the decision making, and other important functions happen at a particular place, the headquarters and hence this hub acts and reacts on the information that it receives from the various branches. So here we understand how important it is to transfer information and data from one to the other end. This is very crucial for a business`s growth and success.


We can send an email, we can take a photo of the same and send it via an informal message and mostly it is an email when it is a formal message. So if this is the case, why is still the fax machines in use and existence at all? This is because there are still organizations who believe that data is transferred and received formally only when it is sent through fax and not otherwise. According to them, anything official has to happen through faxes and not emails. And they also need a hard copy in hand of any information that is intended to be sent to them. Of course, this is good in one way wherein the sender and the receiver would be able to prove their stand and can present this as an evidence of whatever has been carried out so far. There is still a need for paper evidence and this is possible only through faxes and not otherwise.

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Even if there is something wrong with this process, the fax machines would reveal the truth when the history of the data sent and received is acquired from the machine. So there cannot be an escape. An advanced version of this is the efax apps and software. Yes, these apps enable the sender to send the information just like the fax but without fax machines. Sounds great right? People who have used it for their transfer of data and information would have experienced how easy and simple this whole process has been made wherein otherwise he or she might have to wait for the machine to be free, the other end machine to be on and then wait for the machines to get connected for the information to be sent. All these have been eradicated by these online faxing apps and they have in fact made the entire process a simple and easy one.

There are many service providers who come forward to offer this for a cost in the name of monthly subscriptions. For the amount paid, the work gets done perfectly and they also promise to keep all the business information safe and secure from the breach. There is always a possibility for breach and that too when there is too many connections with the service provider. But they try to keep all their channels guarded and see to that there is never a mishandling of information thus making it vulnerable for the business concern. Another great advantage of using the online fax apps is that they promise to retain copies of a few number of business transaction being made from one end to the other for a particular period of time and hence the business can fall back on the service provider for want of information or proof of a particular document being sent.

The service providers charge a monthly subscription according to the plan agreed upon and all these for a particular amount of GB of data.Beyond the limit, the service provider would either deny the transfer or charge the customer more for the extra service offered. All the plans provided by all the online faxing service providers are all flexible and simple and the customer is at freedom to pick one of his choice and convenience. So with this app, the customer is required to just make the attachments to the email to be sent, select the details of the recipient and give the send button. Now the service provider would do the complete backstage job of dropping it correctly into the inbox of the correct recipient. So it is important that information has to go from one place to the other. We have many different modes of doing this simple job.

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